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Certified Herbalist Exam

Complete the exam before registering for your

Certified Herbalist Certification

1. The healing qualities of plants can be found only in the Bark & Seeds of the plant
3. Herbal Medicine is called
4. Herbs work only after the problem has been developed, they do not try to prevent problems because then the manufacturing companies would go into a loss.
6. The main reason herbs need to be stored carefully is that they contain volatile oils and plant pigments which are easily destroyed by light and damp.
8. The Most Common solvents are (Select at least 3)
9. The two most common forms of water extractions are (Select two)
10. Immersing an herb in either cold or hot, not boiling, water for an extended time
11. Immersing an herb in boiling water for a short length of time or until the water is reduced to some extent.
12. Ther are three ways that digestive health plays a key role in overall health. Select all 3
19. This system provides the baseline structure and form of the physical body, giving it its shape, tone, support, and capacity for movement.
20. The Endocrine systems work together to form the bodies defense mechanisms, protecting it from infection, as well as the cleansing process after “the war has been fought.”

Now that you have completed the exam you can register for your Certified Herbalist Certification. Click here

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