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3 Effective Essential Oils for Weight Loss and How to use them

Essential oils have been in use across a variety of ancient cultures for thousands of years – from the Egyptians and Chinese to the Greeks, Indians, and Romans. However, it wasn’t until the 50s that the western civilizations started using them in treatment settings after a French founded the science in the 1920s. The oils are taken from a variety of different sources in nature, including the fruit, leaves, seeds, and sap of a plant as well as the roots and bark, too.

Each essential oil is unique and has its own healing properties. Some essential oils have antibacterial properties while others are wonderful for reducing inflammation. There are also essential oils, which are helpful for boosting mood, burning fat, suppressing appetite, and alleviating cravings. It’s your appetite and cravings that present the greatest threat to achieving your weight loss goals so gaining control over the battle between your body and mind is key. While there is no magic bullet or pill that will simply melt your fat away – essential oils have an important role to play.


This is an anti-inflammatory, which can play an important role in weight loss, as relieving inflammation will allow your body to digest and absorb nutrients more efficiently. Gingerols, the compound found in ginger, reduce intestinal inflammation, and in addition to nutrient absorption, it also helps prevent disease. Importantly, though, your body will get the vitamins and minerals that it needs which provides you with the energy to keep chasing your weight loss goals.

Add a drop or two to a cup of warm water and add raw honey or fresh lemon juice before you enjoy it. Of course, as with all of the essential oils mentioned above, you can also inhale it directly in the face of cravings


This oil is most commonly used for the digestive system, but its ability to relax the abdominal muscles and decrease bloating shows it has a place in the weight loss world, too. Its cooling compound improves digestion and expels gas calming even the most upset stomach. It also has an effect on how you smell and taste food, thus it may be the ideal option for curbing the appetite and suppressing cravings.

Again, a drop of two to a glass of water is the perfect dose and you can enjoy it 30 minutes before you are due to sit down for a meal. However, it is particularly powerful when you keep

the bottle handy to inhale it when you are overcome by hunger or cravings. It can suppress

your appetite and make you feel full. You can also take a sniff or two before you eat to prevent any overeating. Of course, you may also pop it in your diffuser and allow it to run throughout the day as a means of preventing cravings and lifting your mood.


This should come as no surprise, considering the Hollywood Diet revolves around eating grapefruit before every meal or snack. It’s been a popular fruit in weight loss for decades, and it may be entirely to do with its scent. The essential oil is extracted from the fruit’s rind and has proven to be excellent at burning fat, limiting bloating, and suppressing appetite. This is believed to be due to high concentrations of a component that triggers AMPK, which causes the body to use its sugars thus preventing fat from accumulating and reducing the fat stores, and encouraging weight loss.

Try to choose an essential oil that lines up with your biggest problem – so if you are an

emotional eater choose the oil that will help you beat that. If it’s anxiety that fuels your weight then choose an oil that corresponds to that, and so on. Don’t be disheartened if the first oil you try isn’t the right oil – keep pushing!

- Misty Cassady

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