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5 Ways to Get Shiny, Silky Hair Even In The Winter

Have you always wanted shiny, silky hair? It doesn’t matter if you are a blonde, brunette, or redhead. It also doesn’t matter if you are a woman, man, or teenager. You can have shiny hair, and you can have it cheap. There are just a few simple tips to get that soft shiny hair, and it’s through impeccable hair care.

1. Protect

The best way to improve the shininess of your hair doesn’t mean to do less to it just means protect it. Think about all of the stress your hair goes through on a daily basis. You think your day is stressful! Hair gets brushed, pulled back, heated, tugged at even ripped out. So try only using heating products including a flat iron or curing iron every other day.

2. Wash

Shampoo your hair. Some people say not to wash every day, others say it is fine, do what you feel comfortable with, but keep it clean. Rinses with cold water prevent your hair from receiving damage from very hot water.

3. Condition

Whether it is a homemade conditioner or an expensive salon product, condition your hair. Condition daily and at least once a week. Olive oil heated up with your favorite essential oil is a great and quick option. The Olive Oil moisturizes and the essential oil provides a great scent.

4. Try Less Coloring

Place your salon visits farther apart. It might seem drastic when we love our hair freshly highlighted, but it could be better for your hair to spread out. Book a deep conditioning treatment if you love your regular salon visits, in between highlight or color appointments. Also, use color-enhancing shampoo and conditioners to stretch out the last those highlights have to offer.

5. Shiny You

Look for shampoo, conditioner, and products that contain teatree or other essential oils. 100 percent Jojoba oil and olive oil are also great choices that can be worked into your other beauty routines. You can also use shine spray and serum.

-Misty Cassady

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