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A Yoni Steam Ritual: Sacred Feminine Space

Your feminine soul energy naturally responds to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention. This is why a sacred Yoni Steam Ritual is important & effective. On a deep level, when you create and take part in a simple ritual and ceremony – just as easy as lighting a candle for yourself or another – your divine feminine essence wakes up.

This is where the fearful and hardened places in the psyche begin to melt and soften into the energy of the feminine heart. Sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit for eons. From lighting a candle before you meditate and pray, to orchestrating a ceremonial circle involving many people, any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your Higher Self that you are invoking an ancient, timeless connection to the Goddess.

Sacred spaces begin at home, with simple altars comprising of just a few beautiful and meaningful items: a fragrant candle, crystals, elements of nature such as stones or driftwood, silk cloths in resonant colors, and incense. Perhaps you like to add images or statues of deities and divine beings that carry meaning for you. Make sure that when you create your spaces, they are kept in a spirit of sacredness and are only used for connecting with the divine. These places become imbued with supportive feminine energy and will have a powerful effect on your consciousness if used with regularity.

When you create ritual and sacred space, it can ignite ancient past life memories held deep in your cells and energy bodies. You may be tapping into times when you regularly practiced rituals and ceremonies within conscious communities and civilizations. This is why your intuitive self and body wisdom, whether male or female in this lifetime, will respond to the recreation of sacred feminine rituals.

-Misty Cassady

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