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Brushing With organic Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth is an important habit to get into and one that’s very good for you. Of course, brushing your teeth is a great way to kill bacteria in your mouth that can otherwise cause bad breath (halitosis) and also damage the enamel of your teeth and your gums.

Moreover, cleaning your teeth is not just important for your oral hygiene – it’s also important for your overall health. That’s because your mouth is the number one entry point for any bacteria that might cause disease to get inside your body and make you ill. But have you ever stopped to question exactly what it is that you’re putting into your mouth? Because unfortunately, not all toothpaste is made equal. And if you’re not using organic toothpaste, chances are that you’re actually causing a bit of damage to yourself as well!

The key ingredient in most toothpastes is fluoride. This substance – which is also added to our water – is actually made by extracting it from airborne industrial waste given off by fertilizer manufacturers! Not only that, but fluoride is actually neurotoxic.

That means it can cause damage to your nervous system: AKA your brain!

Again, this is particularly true for young children who really don’t need strong chemicals applied to their teeth. In fact, avoiding using commercial toothpastes can actually ensure that a child’s adult teeth will come through looking a lot whiter and a lot stronger.

However, most people though probably might just want to buy ready-made organic toothpaste because this can save a lot of time and it ensures you should be getting a good product. The only challenge is finding the right organic mouthwash or toothpaste – which is where we come in!

If you choose to look yourself, then just make sure to only consider products that list their ingredients. Not all toothpastes do (they don’t have to) but you should consider this a warning sign when they do not!

- Misty Cassady

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