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Coconut Oil & Skincare

Coconut oil has a large number of fantastic benefits for your skin. The first as we have already seen is the great benefit of Vitamin E. Vitamin E keeps your skin healthy, spot free and protects against skin cancer. Vitamin E in coconut oil acts as an antioxidant - meaning that it protects skin cells from UV light, pollution and the negative effects of smoke and other "free radicals". The most notable of these is of course the prevention of skin cancer making coconut oil one of the most beneficial forms of sun screen available.

Vitamin E also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevents the appearance of age spots by rejuvenating the skin cells over your body. As coconut oil has a high yield of vitamin E many people are now using it as a substantive replacement for expensive sun-creams, or as a supplement to sun screen as it is less harmful to the skin. Coconut oil also has fantastic moisturising benefits that extend beyond simply the high content of vitamin E.

Virgin coconut oil is a highly effective and completely natural moisturiser. It is unlikely to create adverse reactions as it is completely natural meaning that, unlike many moisturisers, you don't have to worry about rashes and unsightly blemishes appearing on your skin. Further compared to most moisturising creams - which let’s face it carry extortionate price tag- coconut oil is cheap to buy and lasts a long time.

In terms of natural remedies coconut oil treats and alleviates many common skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. This is why it is a common ingredient in skin treatments worldwide. So by now you are probably thinking this is great I’ll buy some, but there's actually more benefits to your skin from coconut oil still to come. Finally then coconut oil actually works as an anti-ageing cream. The antioxidants of vitamin E provide an initial layer of protection against the sun but the combination of this with the Lauric acid found in coconut oil keeps the skin bacteria free. This means that coconut oil is giving your skin a double helping of beneficial effects. This promotes anti-ageing skin as it fights off bacteria and strengthens the skin tissue.

Coconut oil really is a one of nature's most wonderful products .

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