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Consecrate Stillness & Honor your Inner Voice

Creating regular times of stillness, quiet, meditation and contemplation are vital components of activating divine feminine energy. You have a wise inner voice that is connected to a source of guidance wholly invested in your highest good, and how you can contribute uniquely to the world. The inner voice is linked to your sacred feminine contract to the universe. This means, simply, that you have a spiritual role to fulfil here on earth and your inner voice shows you how to step into it.

It is challenging to hear and feel your inner voice if you never create spaces of stillness, silence or reverence. To activate the sacred feminine path, you will need regular sanctuary, so that you can begin to open your awareness to the ways in which the Soul speaks to you. This is where our sacred Yoni Steam practice comes into play. Stillness and meditation are not difficult or complicated, and there is no right or wrong way to practice. Essentially it’s just sitting upright, connecting with your breath and just being with whatever thoughts and feelings arise. Nothing actually has to ‘happen’ during these periods of silent connection.

Very often you will feel restless or find your mind overcrowding with passing thoughts or things you need to do. It doesn’t matter what happens during the time that you are sitting in conscious silence. What matters is that you are practicing. Regular practice is the key; it is the process and regularity that creates the strengthening within you, over time. You will discover a deep inner well of abundant resources inside your stillness.

Stillness is not always a totally still body, in silent meditation. It can be a gentle walk in natural surroundings. It can be yoga, it can be reading poetry, it can be lying down listening to inspirational music or it can be a healing yoni steam session. What matters is that the intention to invite connection with the Infinite is at the forefront. To be willing to bypass the mind, release the grip of the ego, and nurture understanding that consecrating stillness is a vital pathway to reuniting with the Sacred Feminine soul

-Misty Cassady

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