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Crafting is an Untapped Market

Crafting is an untapped Market

What is Crafting?

Crafting is an activity associated with using your skill and knowledge to create something useful, and authentic with your hands. Crafting has been handed down from generation to generation and was generally motivated by necessity. There is an Amazing redemptive power and pride that comes from the ability to make your own things. Crafting means putting your ideas into action.

Is Crafting right for me?

Anybody can become a Crafter. There are tons of of crafts requiring a wide variety of skills and there are even crafts that have not been discovered yet. (The world is waiting for you). You can make anything that is useful and has a market. If you make it and people want it, then it’s officially a craft. Its just that simple. Crafting requires creativity and being open to what others desire. The most important step in crafting is having the right mindset and being motivated. You must understand that whatever you create is a unique, authentic expression of your soul and it deserves the utmost respect and appreciation from you first. Always look at your crafts as “Good” and “Very Good”. You must be impressed with your crafts because if you are not impressed, then others wont be impressed either.

Almost anyone can “craft”. However, if you want to be considered seriously (either in the online universe or in the physical world), you really should start looking at yourself as a professional. A professional can be defined by “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize” him/her. So, the big question comes up: “How, in this big marbled earth, do I take something so common and simple as diy crafts, and turn it into a profession?” Simple wimple, just go back to the definition: conduct, aims, and qualities that characterize.

How do I find the right craft?

It is super important that you find the craft that fits you the best. You need to practice and try out different things until you absolutely fall in love with what you are doing. When you love what you do, the energy of that love will spill over into your crafts and other will love it too. Gaining knowledge and insight on your chosen craft is one of the keys to your success. The internet is a major source of information to help you broaden your knowledge on your chosen craft. YouTube is also a great place to learn for free. Focus on your skill every day and read about something every day pertaining to your chosen field of interest. You will obviously need tools and materials to get started so research what tools and materials you will need and plan accordingly.

Misty Cassady

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