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If you have any dark spots on your skin that you’d like to brighten, then invest in some limes and cotton balls. Simply take a bit of lime juice, dip a cotton ball in it, and apply it to the affected area for about a half an hour.

This same technique can help fade scars and pimple markings, thanks to its natural bleaching agent. And if you suffer from loose skin, then good news: it helps with that, too!

In addition to all the above, lime juice is also full of antibiotic properties that help inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Your skin can still get a glow from it by drinking the following concoction: the juice of one lime, a tablespoon of honey, and eight ounces of lukewarm water mixed together, every morning. The natural bleaching properties will help give your skin an overall glow.

-Misty Cassady

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