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Natural Detoxes That Will Change Your Life In No Time

If you look at the root of what a detox is, you will find that it is natural in nature. You are ridding your body of the toxins and chemicals acquired through pollution, processed foods, and chemical prescription medications. It would only make sense that if you are to choose a detox, you choose a natural one.

There are many different programs out there touting a specific pill or drug to help you detox. In reality, the best way to get rid of the toxins is to do it how your body naturally was meant to. Here are the four most popular natural detoxes.

Simple Fruit and Veggie Detox:

During this detox, which usually lasts around seven days, you consume only water, fresh and organic fruits, and vegetables. All fruit juices should be extracted from the fruit through a juicer. Store-bought juices are usually laden with additives and sugars. You can eat your veggies steamed or raw.

Smoothie Cleanse:

Think of the Smoothie Cleanse as the Fruit and Veggie Cleanse, but all in one glass. There is a plethora of recipes on the internet that help those on the smoothie cleanse to drink specific nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. Luckily, this type of detox is inexpensive and straightforward and all you need is fresh food and a blender!

Juice Cleanse:

The Juice Cleanse is very similar to the smoothie cleanse, except that instead of blending your fruits and vegetables, you are juicing them. You can also find some

very clean premade juices, though they can be pricy.

Sugar Detox:

Some people choose to take the detox process a step at a time. Detoxing yourself of refined sugars is incredibly essential and can be very difficult to do. White sugar has been found to have the same addictive properties as some drugs. If you can detox and withdraw from sugars, the full-body detox will be so much easier for you. Whichever you choose to do, make sure you research the process beforehand. And remember, it takes time for a body to completely detox, so try to stay on the system for at least seven days.

- Misty Cassady

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