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It’s a less obvious option to improve your skincare regime, but sunscreen is important if you want your skin to look great for years to come. Spend too long out in the sun and you’re going to get burned! This is one of the most unfortunate facts about spending time outside and it’s one of the only ways in which this isn’t a way to improve your health. So with that in mind, it’s just a real shame that the sun’s ray are so damaging. The question then becomes: how can you get all those benefits without the downsides?

One answer is to use the right products – with the right aftersun and the right sunblock, it’s possible to greatly improve your overall health by nourishing your skin and by deflecting the sun’s rays. And with the right organic sunscreen and moisturizer, you can do this in a way that is free from harmful chemicals.

This may come as a surprise but 75% of sunscreens are made with toxic chemicals. Specifically, they can actually release free radicals when they are exposed to sunlight. This is bad news seeing as free radicals and oxidative damage is one of the key things that you would wear sunscreen in order to try and prevent.

Here is a list of natural ingredients and the amount of sun production they can each offer:

• Almond oil – SPF 5

• Coconut oil – SPF 4-6

• Zinc oxide – SPF 2-20

• Red raspberry seed oil – SPF 25-50

• Carrot seed oil – SPF 35-40

• Shea butter – SPF 4-6

Follow this recipe:

• ½ cup of almond oil

• ¼ cup of coconut oil

• ¼ cup beeswax

• 2 tablespoons zinc oxide

• Essential oils for smell

You can then mix these altogether by heating them over a pan of hot water. Stir well and then add to mason jars!

- Misty Cassady

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