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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth- The Natural Way to Grow Your Hair Long And Strong

Hair growth is a common desire for many women, although the thought of hair loss is often a nightmare. Progressive hair loss is also known to cause low self-esteem in men and women. Interestingly some research shows that rosemary oil can be used to stimulate hair growth or mitigate hair loss. Rosemary oil is an oil produced from the rosemary plant. Throughout the years, it has been linked to a broad range of benefits. These benefits encompass overall health, skin, and hair care. Two of the many purported benefits that rosemary oil can provide are stimulating hair growth and mitigating hair loss.

In addition to promoting hair growth, rosemary oil has also been linked to reducing problems associated with a flaky scalp. A flaky scalp can be incredibly problematic. According to limited scientific research, rosemary oil can help resolve both the issue of dry scalp and dry hair. It does so by detoxifying and disinfecting the scalp and by doing this both the scalp and hair can get the necessary nutrients to stay hydrated.

As with most essential oils, rosemary oil should always be applied topically to the hair and scalp. The easiest way to do this is to simply add several drops of the oil to your current shampoo or conditioner. Or simply dilute the rosemary with a carrier oil and apply it directly to the scalp regularly. With so many hair loss products on the market, it can be challenging to find one that fits your unique needs. Thankfully, rosemary oil seems to boast a wide variety of benefits, including hair growth and mitigation of hair loss. This makes it a viable option for men and women who are looking to save their locks.

-Misty Cassady

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