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The Energy of the Womb

Many may not realize how much power our wombs hold and the memory that is held within our wombs from the ancients through our mitochondrial DNA. Our genetic greatness resides in our Womb. This DNA is only within the woman and is passed down from mother to daughter and does not change over time, it is the only DNA that is like this. It carries the imprint of the mothers of our lineages linking us directly to the memories of the wombs before us to the first womb of our lineage.

Our creative energy, sexuality, and feelings come from the womb. When we are in balance, we can better express our creativity, ideas, and sexuality; in this state of wellness, our water element flows freely. When we are imbalanced, we will experience vaginal dryness and dryness in our emotions; we will be more susceptible to guilt, emotional numbness, sexual disorders, and bladder and kidney issues.

What Emotions Coincide with the Womb?

• Sensuality • Sexuality • Emotions • Security

What happens when Emotions are not in Alignment?

• Person starts feeling guilt • Imbalance • Sexual Dysfunction

• Lack of Creativity • Emptiness • Insecurity • Sexual Lack

Type of Diseases arising from disharmony

• Bladder Weakness • Fibroids • Lower back pain • Constipation

• Weak Immune System • Ovarian Cysts • Vaginal Dryness

When our emotions are not in alignment, it causes various emotional dysfunctions and diseases. Therefore, stress is a strong contributor to many ailments, even cancer. Our energetic fields, chakras, and auras communicate with our actual organs. Therefore, it is so important to understand the damage our bodies undergo when it is not aligned with the/holistic principle of healing.

We can effectively create a plan of action that can put our bodies back on the right track through our Yoni Steam method and complementary therapies.

-Misty Cassady

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