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The Truth Behind The Juicing Trend: How Healthy And Beneficial Is It?

In the diet and health world, you’ll find many fads and trends. Juicing has become popular to cleanse the body, lose weight, and significantly increase the intake of vitamins and minerals. It’s always valuable to look at the science behind a diet trend, so just how healthy is juicing?

We have a lot of marketing effort on one side of the juicing trend. If fruits and vegetables are good for you and your body, then drinking them in one go each day will surely benefit you. However, the science behind it is more complex than the marketing line, and the reality is a tale of both pros and cons that are well worth considering before integrating juicing into a diet regimen.

Many people juice vegetables and fruits on a daily basis without thinking too much about the pros and cons of the activity. However, it’s always wise to look beyond the marketing lines and examine the nutritional value and science behind it.

In this spirit, here are some of the health benefits of juicing:

• If your daily diet is poor, juicing, even semi-regularly, can provide your body with some much-needed nutrition. The stripping away of much of the fiber content in fruits and vegetables by the pulverization process makes it easy for your body to absorb the nutrients faster, thus giving you a high dose of nutrients. These nutrients contribute to your overall health and well-being and boost your immune system.

• The pulverization of much of the fiber also unlocks some of the enzymes found in some fruits and vegetables and makes them available for digestion and absorption.

• If you juice regularly, you’re habituating yourself to a dietary activity that is actually of great benefit. You’re thinking of your body, your health, and what you’re putting into your body, and developing this habit is of massive psychological benefit, particularly for those who have had previously poor eating habits.

This change in habit can lead to other positive life-changing activities, including regular exercise and eating more foods of greater nutritional value. Many of us don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, so drinking even one small cup of freshly juiced vegetables and fruits can help our bodies.

-Misty Cassady

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