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Turn your crafting into a small business (Vending for Beginners)

Now that you have selected and perfected a craft, congratulations! You are now an official Crafter.

In order to turn your craft into a business, you must now become a Professional Crafter which requires a few things to consider.

1. Get the proper vendors license in your city. The steps to obtain a vendors license vary greatly depending on what you sell and where you are located or what venues you plan to vend at. Check with the revenue agency and the clerks office in your county to find out what you will need to obtain a Vendors License. They may require a Sales Tax Permit, A tax certificate or A business license.

2. Brand yourself & Your product. Develop a name, logo and Theme. What makes you stand out from the rest and why should people patronize you?

3. Advertise with a Website. A Website is the front door to your business and it’s the first impression people generally get of your business. Invest in a really nice website to represent and advertise your business.

4. Preparation. You must be prepared to meet the demand of your customers, so before you go forward with selling online or at a market or venue, please make sure you are prepared and have enough inventory.

5. Packaging. Packaging is a key component in going to market because people are visual beings. Therefore spend some time making your packaging look professional.

6. Pricing. Do some research and comparison shopping to make sure your prices are within fair market value. Its important that you be competitive but be sure not to undervalue your time or talent. People also appreciate quality so don’t be afraid to value your product appropriately.

7. Professionalism. Keep your word. Always deliver and keep in mind that the customer is always right. Be presentable because people are visual beings and be pleasant.

8. Decide on a Venue. You can choose to sell on line, at Vendor Shows, Markets, door to door or open up a Brick & Mortar. The choice is yours but keep in mind there are costs associated with all these options.

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