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Unlocking Your Intuitive Powers: The Journey to Embracing the Sacred Feminine Within

Intuition is the gift of the Sacred Feminine Soul. Essentially, intuition is ‘knowing without knowing how you know’. It is a sense that bypasses the mind or logical reasoning. It is sometimes called your ‘sixth sense’ because it transcends the physical or mental planes. In order to really access your intuitive sense, you must be in strong connection with your ‘feeling body’ – that is, the element of your Self that is based on emotions. A key aspect to realizing your intuitive gifts is re-developing trust. Your trust in your own intuitive nature may have been severely damaged or even broken during past lives when you were criticized or even hurt, for using your intuitive gifts and openly displaying your spiritual, healing & psychic abilities.

We all receive intuitive impulses in different ways. You may have clear intuitive sight, in which you ‘see’ images or colors through your inner vision. You may be extremely clairsentient, which means that your body gives you intuitive messages through your physical and emotional responses. There are many ways that you can receive guidance from your Sacred Feminine channels this is why Yoni steaming to clear spiritual blockages is very important.

Intuitive impulses often contradict what your ‘mind’ would tell you, as they often seem irrational or illogical. Intuitive impulses are directions from the heart and are for the highest good and growth path of all concerned. Intuitive impulses may sometimes take you out of your comfort zone and ask you to be firm and courageous, and yet they will never show you a route that is harmful to another person or living thing.

When you receive intuitive impulses they may be accompanied by certain sensations. You may have a tingling or ‘goosebumps’ feeling, or your heart may beat faster. You may feel light-headed or have strong energy flowing through your body. You may have none of these, but perhaps there is a feeling of heightened energy or an ‘other-worldly’ awareness that momentarily surrounds you. You may simply have a repeated urge or feeling, a deep inner knowing that will not leave you. Often, these feelings are accompanied by divine signs and synchronicity sent to validate your intuitive guidance.

Remember that intuitive impulses carry strong sacred feminine directions and information, and yet the messages are always simple and clear. They are always loving and ultimately for a healing purpose. Trusting, and acting upon your intuitive impulses, are vital keys to unlocking the deep power of your spiritual feminine nature. Honoring the intuitive voice is a radiant & purposeful jewel in the crown of every man and woman working the Energy of the Sacred Feminine.

-Misty Cassady

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