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This Installment plan includes the following

1. Access to the Yoni Steam Business Blueprint Coaching Program

       A. Access to all 4 certification courses

       B. Access to the classroom where you learn step by step how to open the Yoni Steam                           business from beginning to end.

       C. Access to the monthly live mastermind trainings


2. The Yoni Steam Business Excel Bundle


3. Bonus 30 min one on one strategy call with Misty (Natural Skincare Chick)


4. Bonus Access to the Divine Yoni Goddess training masterclass


5. Access to the Yoni Steam Power Kit

1 Yoni Steam Box
1 Yoni Steam Gown
1 Cushion
8 packages of the NSC herbal blend
Eye mask
Yoni Egg
Disposable Slippers
Mini Chakra Poster
White Sage


The installment plan is 4 monthly payments of $425.00 for a total of $1,700.00.


Each installment plan payment gives you access to different parts of the program.


Down payment gives you access to

1. The platfor