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Subscription Box Program

We offer two amazing Subscription Boxes to choose from

Yoni Subscription Box

The Yoni Box.png
The Yoni Box (1).png
The Yoni Box (2).png
Untitled design (24).png
Untitled design (25).png
Untitled design (27).png

Box Contents

Monthly Mailing
1 2oz Yoni Oil
1 2oz Yoni Bar
1 Yoni Bath Tea
1 pack of Boric Acid Suppositories
1 2oz Yoni Spray
1 4oz Yoni Wash
2 Yoni Steam Herb 1/4 cup
1 5x8 pack of Yoni Wipes
1 4oz Yoni Scrub
Free Shipping

Many of you have been asking me for a subscription box program.'s here! Welcome to the Yoni Subscription Box Program. Every Yoni Goddess deserves a box of amazing Yoni Products to serve your most sacred space. This is a monthly subscription box program. These are hand made Yoni products that soothe and nourish your amazing womb space. FREE SHIPPING 

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