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Advanced Yoni/Vaginal Steaming

Certified Practitioner E Course

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Course Outline

Module 1:

Meet your Instructor /What is the Yoni?/Yoni Energy

What you will learn in this course


Module 2:

Overview of what you learned in the Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Certification Course (Part 1)

The Benefits of Yoni Steaming

The Basic Yoni Steam Recipe & Process

Safety Concerns

When to Avoid Yoni Steaming

When to use caution

Equipment for Yoni Steaming

Changes to expect after Yoni Steaming


Module 3:

The Energetic & Spiritual Benefits of Yoni Steaming

Awakening your divine feminine energy

The Energy of the Womb

Shakti & Divine Feminine Power


Module 4:

Natural Skincare Chick’s Advanced Certified Yoni Steam Herbal Blend Guide

How to make an Herbal Blend

Herbs for Health, Wealth & Maintenance

Customary Yoni/Vaginal Steam Recipes

Herbs for Energy, Healing & Spirituality

Ancient Egyptian herbs for various conditions

Universal & Effective Yoni/Vaginal Steam Herbs

Plant Constituents and Types of Herbal Actions


Module 5:

The Female Genital System Internal & External

The Menstrual Cycle & Fertility


Module 6:

Road Map on how to open a Yoni/Vaginal Steam Business

Create a name for your Yoni Steam Business

Access your finances

Plan your Startup Costs

Brand yourself, create a Logo & Website

Create Business Cards & Brochures


Determine your legal business structure

Register with government and IRS (Get EIN Number)

Obtain a Business Bank Account

Obtain all required licenses and permits

Purchase an insurance policy

Intake Forms & Liability Waivers


Selecting a POS System

Create your steaming services with pricing

Obtain Equipment & Furniture

Obtain a Space to offer your service

Obtain Supplies

Retail Sales at your location

Covid 19 Cleaning & Disinfecting your business

Module 7:

Creating an advanced Yoni Steam Ritual & Meditations for your self & your clients

-Divine Principles & Virtues of the Divine Feminine MP3 Download

-The Sacred Yoni guided Meditation Script & Mp3 Download

- The Sacred Meditation & Affirmations Script & MP3 Download

- Additional Basic Rituals for your womb healing journey



Module 8:

Bonus Guide on other ways to clear your Womb from Past Lovers & Trauma

Module 9:


Register for your Certificate & Email Coaching 


Advanced Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Certified Practitioner Course


This course is for students who want to become a Certified  Yoni/Vaginal Steaming Practitioner

No equipment is required to take this course

No prior knowledge of Yoni Vaginal Steaming or herbalism is required


What is the Yoni?

The Yoni is the sacred symbol of Female Creative Power


Why Yoni?

Yoni is the term we use referring to the female genitals. A Sanskrit word, yoni translates as 'womb," "origin," and 'source," and more spe­cifically. "vulva."

This course will teach you womb wellness and how to honor your sacred Yoni. 

You will learn about the Shakti who represents the very embodiment and personification of divine feminine power and the universal energy of the womb or Yoni. She manifests through female creativity and fertility on the Earthly plane and plays an all important role in rejuvenation and the cycle of birth and re-birth. Thus, she also fulfills the vital role of casting off the old and ushering in the new. Yoni Steaming is an excellent way to awaken Shakti in our lives.


Yoni Steaming is not for cleaning your vagina. Your vagina is inherently self-cleaning.

When the Yoni Steaming is described as cleansing, it is referring to the way the heat and steam supports our feminine bodies in their own natural release and vibrant vitality. Yoni steaming has a wide range of energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits like:  

Detoxify your uterus

Allows you to connect spiritually with your divine center

improves your health and overall wellbeing

heals your reproductive system

Decreases menstrual flow

Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles

Boosting immune & digestive health

Enhances Fertility

Pre/post menopause and postpartum support (cramps, irregular periods, etc.)

Heals infections (bladder and yeast especially) and soothing inflammation

Dryness rids your body of any bad energy and trauma

Balances your vaginal PH

Makes sex more juicy

increases in libido as the heat increases blood flow to the vagina, as well as the clitoris

By the end of this course you will be well versed in Shakti Yoni Energy,The Divine Feminine awakening and how it relates to your sacred Yoni.

You will be able to successfully & effectively perform a Yoni Steam for yourself and your clients. You will have in depth knowledge on how to select the appropriate herbs for a multitude of ailments and energys.  You will be skilled at how to create herbal blends depending on your clients specific needs. You will learn the anatomy of the internal & external female genital system as well as a good understanding of the Menstrual cycle & Fertility. You will learn how to open a Yoni/Vaginal Steam Business with a step by step road map. You will learn about how to create an advanced Yoni Steam ritual for yourself and your clients to enhance their steaming experience. 

This course comes with a wealth of knowledge as well as  

-170 page downloadable course manual

-3 MP3 Downloads with Guided Meditations for the Sacred Womb & Affirmations

-1 Bonus guide on other ways to clear your Yoni from past lovers and trauma

-1 Advanced Certified Yoni Steam Herbal Blend Guide

-1 Free Email Coaching package with Natural Skincare Chick

2.5 Hours of on demand Video

This is a Self paced Course online e course

-Coupon for Yoni Steam Herbs & Equipment 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become a Certified Yoni Vaginal Steam Practitioner

  • Anyone who wants to open a Yoni Steam business or offer Yoni Steaming as an additional service

  • Anyone who wants to learn in depth knowledge about Herbs and Herbal blends for all sorts of ailments

  • Anyone who wants to use Yoni/Vaginal Steaming as a way to connect to the Divine Feminine within

This course is accredited by the American Herbalist Guild as Natural Skincare Chick is a Member School.

This is a non refundable Video E Course. Once you receive access to the Course there will be no refunds to the course.

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