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In order to ensure that the students of Metaphysical Accreditation Institute....DBA; Natural Skincare Chick are up to industry standards with Herbal Knowledge and Steaming Procedures we recertify our students annually. When your certificate expires, you can recertify via the website

Recertification is now available online for $39.00.  If you are interested in recertification after your certificate expires, please complete the registration form below. Once you pay the recertification fee you will be redirected to take our online recertification exam. Your updated Certificate will be emailed to you within 5 business days after you pass our online Recertification test.

For inquiries related to Recertification, please email us at

There are 3 recertification exams available. Please select the appropriate exam that corresponds to recertifying your certificate. 

Click Here

Certified Herbalist

Training Certificate Exam

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