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Bath Salts 101

bath salts
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Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction

                      What you will learn in this course


Section 2: The different types of Bath Salts

                      Dead Sea Salts

                      Epsom Salt

                      Himalayan Salt


Section 3: Scenting your Bath Salts

                      Essential Oils

                      Fragrance Oils


Section 4:  Additives

                       Botanical Extracts

                       Clays, Powders & Citric Acid

                       Other additives

Section 5: Packaging 

Section 6: Natural Skincare "Bath & Body" Recipe Book *Bonus*

Bath Salts 101

This revolutionary, interactive, one of a kind, video course will teach you everything you need to know about Bath Salts.

This self paced, all inclusive course will guide you on a bath salt journey  from learning the beginnings of Bath Salts to Essential Oils & Herbs for a medicinal healing bath experience.

  • You will learn in depth knowledge about the 4 main ingredients that comprise a basic bath salt.


  • You will learn the different types of Salt as well as the benefits of each salt.


  • You will learn how to scent your bath salt using essential oils or fragrance oils and the benefits of each as well as some background on each oil.


  • You will learn the different ways to color your batch salts


  • You will learn about many different additives to include in your bath salts and the benefits of each.

This course comes with a 200 page downloadable course manuel and lots of on demand video demonstrations. As well as, a Bonus downloadable Recipe Book.

This is a non refundable Video E Course. Once you receive access to the course there will be no refunds granted.

Bath Salt
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