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The Miracle of Coconut Oil

coconut oil
This video has been deleted.

Course Outline

Introduction - The coconut myth


Section 1 - Coconut oil and your hair


Section 2 - Coconut oil and Skincare


Section 3 - Coconut oil and weight loss


Section 4 - Coconut oil as an aid to digestion


Section 5 -Coconut oil as an aid to the immune system


Section 6 - Can coconut oil help fight infections


Section 7 – Coconut oil and heart disease


Section 9- Natural Skincare Recipes with Coconut Oil


Concluding remarks

The Miracle of Coconut Oil


There are zero prerequisites for this course - except for an interest in coconut oil. You don't even need a jar of oil although after watching this video course you may not be able to resist jumping into your car for a quick trip to the grocery store.



This is an intensely practical course. With the recent explosion of interest in this magical tropical oil, you naturally want the best results. You may know a lot of uses for coconut oil but there are almost certainly ideas here that you haven't considered.

The Miracle of Coconut Oil is for two types of people:

  1. Those who have heard a lot of talk about coconut oil and are wondering if it's an oil they should be interested in?

  2. Folks who have a jar of coconut oil on their shelf but need some ideas about what to DO with this oily marvel?


The best way to use the course is to quickly scan the list of topics and choose those ideas that are relevant to your life. In mere minutes you will know enough to start using your oil in exciting new ways.

We promise to limit the science and to have as much fun as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • + People who are concerned about their health and that of their family

  • + Anyone who wants to save money

  • + Folks who really, REALLY despise clutter

  • + Any person who is alarmed about all the dangerous chemicals in our lives

  • + Women who want to look absolutely gorgeous

  • + Everyone who wants their skin to remain young

  • + Any cook who is interested in nutrition

  • + Moms-to-be who want their pregnancy to be as easy as possible

  • + People who are interested in all-natural DIY health and beauty products

  • + Gardeners who choose only healthy products for their plants

  • + Anybody concerned about serving and eating GMO food

  • + Males and females who want thick, shining hair

  • + Moms who insist upon the healthiest possible products for their baby

This is a non refundable Video E Course. Once you receive access to the course there will be no refunds granted.

coconut oil
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