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100% Natural Herbal Facial Steams & Facial Masks

Training Certificate E Course

Natural Facial Steams & Masks
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This video has been deleted.

Course Outline

Module 1:
About Me
What is a Facial Mask?
What is a Facial Steam?
What you will learn in this course


Module 2:
The Benefits of a Facial Mask

Module 3:
The two main components of a facial mask
The Base
Add ins
Essential Oils for facial masks
Herbs for facial masks


Module 4:
How to use and apply a Face Mask
Making your favorite Facial Mask Demonstration


Module 5:
The Benefits of a Facial Steam


Module 6:
Creating your Facial Steam Base
Adding Herbs & Oils


Module 7:
The 3 Facial Steam Techniques
During the Steam


Module 8:
Safety Precautions and Side affects
How often should I steam & What to do after Steaming


Module 9:
Facial Mask & Facial Steam Recipe Book

100% Natural Herbal Facial Steams & Facial Masks Training Certificate E Course

This revolutionary, interactive, one of a kind, video course will teach you everything you need to know about 100% Natural Herbal Facial Steams & Facial Masks

This beautiful course will take you through the Science of formulating 100% Natural Herbal Facial Steams & Facial Masks.

Discover the wonderful world of herbs and how you can work with them in creating Natural Skincare Products.

In this Course you will learn The benefits of both a Natural Facial Steam & a Facial Mask.


You will learn the main components of both a facial steam and a facial mask. 

You will learn all about the major herbs & essential oils best to use in your Facial Steam & Facial Mask recipes & creations.

You will learn how to apply a facial mask & the 3 facial steam techniques


You will watch several demonstrations of a facial steam & facial Masks being created. 


You will learn safety precautions and side affects as well as receive a recipe book with over 30 recipes for both facial steams & facial masks.


  •  You love formulating but want to learn more about Facial Masks & Facial Steams

  •  You want to make spa-quality facial masks & facial Steams

  •  You want to study the science of 100% natural facial steams & facial masks

  •  You want to tap into one of the biggest growth areas in skincare: organics

  •  You want to enroll with an American Herbalist Guild Member School and award-winning education provider

This course comes with an 86 Page downloadable manual & 1.5 hours of on demand video available immediately after purchasing the course.

Upon completion of the course you can register for a Digital Certificate of completion which validates that you have been

Trained and certified in 100% Natural Herbal Facial Steams & Facial Masks


This is a non refundable Video E Course. Once you receive access to the course there will be no refunds granted.

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