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Natural Skincare Master Practitioner Certification Program

Welcome to the Natural Skincare Master Practitioner Certification Program.

The Blueprint for Creating your own Natural Skincare Product Line & Natural Skincare Business.

In this program you will learn how to customize all natural skincare products for all skin types & skin tones. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own natural skincare line of products? Are you drawn to all things natural and want to jump in to the amazing world of ALL THINGS Natural Skincare?

Do you enjoy creating natural skincare products for your friends and family and now you are ready to create a business doing just what you love to do?

Welcome to the Natural Skincare Master Practitioner Certification Program where you will learn how to create a complete range of facial skincare and body care products using raw, natural organic ingredients.

How would you like to know exactly what you are putting on your skin?
Are you excited to experience the difference in creating your own skincare products using raw and organic ingredients as opposed to parabens and chemicals?

Are you ready to learn from America's Leading Natural Skincare Expert with over 4,800 students in 95 different countries?

In this course you will learn the following......


This is a 7 month program designed for you to receive 2-3 modules each month.

This program includes a total of 3 certifications
1. The Natural Skincare Master Practitioner Certification
2. The Yoni/Vaginal Steam Certification
3. The Herbal Medicine Making Certification

There is a quiz each month to test your knowledge and keep you on track to receiving your Natural Skincare Master Practitioner Certification.

****Bonus*** This program also comes with (2) 30 minute Master Practitioner Strategy Calls that you book with me... Natural Skincare Chick in person any time throughout the 7 months of the program.

Earn your Practitioner Certification~ Start your own herbal skincare line~ learn a new skill~ Become a Natural Skincare Chick

This course is accredited by the American Herbalist Guild as Natural Skincare Chick is an American Herbalist Guild Member School.

If you are interested in joining this program book a call so that we can discuss your Natural Skincare goals....


Body Scrubs 101
Natural Hair Care Products 101
Essential Oils 101
Bath Salts 101
Body Butters, Creams & Lotions 101
Toners & Natural Body Sprays 101
Facial Steams & Facial Masks 101
Yoni Vaginal Steams Certificate Training

Melt & Pour Soap Making 101
Balms & Salves 101
Herbal Medicine Making Certificate Training
Carrier Oils & Serums 101
Creating a Natural Skincare Business 
Skin Types 101

Product Sales for 101
(Selling in person & online)

Product Sales 201
(Pitching your Products to Local & Big Box Stores)

Vending 101 How to be a Successful Vendor 
Vending 201 How to host your own Vendor
Events & Shows
Detox Secrets 101
Juicing 101
Divine Yoni Goddess Couse

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