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Boost your Health and Happiness massively by getting more Fruits and Vegetables

Instead of seeking out individual different fruits and vegetables, what is far preferable is to simply aim to get the biggest variety you possibly can in your diet. By doing this, you will cover the largest spectrum of ingredients, and thereby get the largest range of different benefits from your diet. You could find the healthiest superfood vegetable in the world, but if that was all you ate then you wouldn’t get all that much benefit – because you'd only be getting large amounts of those same ingredients.

We don’t think of foods such as apples as being superfoods, but because they contain large amounts of vitamin C and epicatechin, they are just as impressive as those more exotic ideas.

Moreover, if you eat three different fruits and vegetables, then the range of nutrients you get will be far greater. Studies also show that our microbiome – the healthy bacteria living in our guts – benefit most from a varied diet. The greater the range of foods you eat, the stronger your gut health will be – resulting in weight loss, more energy, better mood, and more.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Start your day with a smoothie, but don’t have more than one fruit smoothie

  • Don’t aim to get just 5-7 fruits and vegetables in your diet. Get as many as you can in order to get a varied mix.

  • Use a supplement as a “backup.” This is also especially useful when seeking out more obscure and rare nutrients.

  • But make sure that you read the instructions and do your own research. You may wish to think about timing and adding a source of fat to aid absorption.

  • Use strategies to make it as easy as possible to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet

  • Avoid processed foods and “empty calories” – replace things like chips and chocolate bars with salads and carrot sticks

  • Maintain this program for 30 days. You should find you notice you have more energy, drive, and better health.

  • Use this new energy to improve your lifestyle in other ways!

- Misty Cassady

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