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How Antioxidants Help You Live Longer

Antioxidants are found naturally in our diet and are also a key feature of many a supplement. Antioxidants are something of a buzz word these days and antioxidant vitamins and minerals as well as a range of Naka Herb supplements are highly popular. What is the reason for this? And what precisely are antioxidants? Here we will look a little at how a cell works, how a cell dies and why antioxidants are so important.

Our cells are made up of various parts but all you need to know about in this instance is the cell wall and the nucleus. The cell wall, surrounded by mitochondria, is the part of the cell that of course holds everything together and gives the cell its round appearance. Meanwhile the nucleus is the center of the cell, which is often referred to as the 'control center'. In here is where the DNA is stored, the 'blueprint' that tells the cell what it looks like, how to behave and where the other important cells go in the body.

Unfortunately, though what's also in our body is 'free radicals' and this is where the antioxidant vitamins and minerals and the Naka Herb supplements come in. Essentially free radicals are substances that travel around the body and damage the cells. They are a by-product of many things from simply breathing (oxygen is reactive and damages cells) to getting too much direct sunlight (the UV waves in the sunlight are radioactive and can damage our cell walls too).

These free radicals then do a lot of serious damage in the body and are enough to eventually make our skin look older – because the damage though microscopic can eventually add up to be visible to the naked eye and this goes for skin cells as well. This is why lots of exposure to the sun will make you look good and tanned in the short term, but ultimately result in your skin appearing wrinkled and leathery.

Antioxidant vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, and even supplements will help you to do this – by destroying the free radicals on impact thereby preventing them ever causing that damage. These will then slow your visible aging and help to deter cancer – not bad!

-Misty Cassady

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Thank you for sharing all the information you share it’s very helpful.

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