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Sacred Yoni Steam-Guided Meditation To Connect With Your Higher Self

Divine feminine energy must be activated by setting aside frequent periods of silence, calm, meditation, and reflection. Your inner wisdom is connected to a source of wisdom that is solely focused on your best interests and how you can make a unique contribution to the world. Your sacred feminine contract with the universe is connected to your inner voice. Simply put, this means that your inner voice guides you in assuming a spiritual function that you have to play while on earth. If you never establish places of calm, silence, or reverence, it is hard to hear and experience your inner voice.

You will need regular sanctuaries to activate the holy feminine path and begin to awaken your consciousness to the ways in which the Soul speaks to you. When it comes to stillness and meditation, there is no right or wrong method to practice; this is where our mystical Yoni Steam technique comes into play. Basically, all you have to do is sit up straight, focus on your breathing, and just be with any ideas or feelings that come up. In reality, nothing needs to "happen" during these moments of quiet connection.

You'll frequently feel restless or discover that your mind is constantly racing with ideas or tasks that need to be completed. Whatever occurs while you are sitting in deliberate silence is irrelevant. It is important that you are exercising. The secret is to practice consistently; over time, your inner power will develop as a result of the process and consistency. You'll find a rich inner reservoir of resources within your calm.

What matters is that the intention to invite connection with the Infinite is at the forefront. To be willing to bypass the mind, release the grip of the ego, and nurture the understanding that consecrating stillness is a vital pathway to reuniting with the Sacred Feminine soul.

-Misty Cassady

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