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Stay Hydrated

We hear it all the time: drinking water is so important, and for good reason. Our body is made up of more than 50% water, which we lose throughout the day when we perspire. But it’s not just our internal body that takes a hit when we become dehydrated.

It shows in our face, too.

Unlike sugar-laden soda and drinks filled with chemicals, pure water helps to flush out toxins within our body. Those toxins can wreak havoc to our skin, causing uneven skin tones and loss of elasticity.

Furthermore, our blood needs somewhere to look when it gets low in water and becomes dehydrated. That’s when it leeches onto skin cells and sucks up all of that water, which can often result in dark eye circles and deep eye sockets.

If you’ve ever eaten something that’s high in sodium, such as pretzels, then you know how it feels to retain water. Because that’s what sodium does. And when we retain water, it can often show in our skin.

Drinking plenty of water not only helps get rid of that bloat, but it also helps get rid of the puffiness that accompanies water retention.

And if you’ve ever experienced acne as an adult, then you’ll want to consider drinking even more water. Some of the toxins that contribute to adult acne can easily be flushed away with higher water intake.

As you can see, you don’t need to invest in expensive skincare or necessarily give up your favorite salty snack. Just try sneaking in a little more water, then watch and feel your skin get back to its glory days!

-Misty Cassady

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