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The Yoni: Our Divine Feminine Energy

What is the Yoni?

Yoni is the term we use to refer to female genitals. The Sanskrit word, yoni translates as 'womb," "origin," and 'source," more specifically. "Vulva." The choice to use this term rather than any from our Western languages seems to me and most women I know-a natural ones, considering that yoni carries neither an undercurrent of Clinicaldetachment, as does the vulva or vagina, nor any of the pornographic, immature, and often derogatory connotations that colloquial words such as cunt, pussy, or similar terms do.

In contrast to these words, the term yoni heralds a culture and religion in which women have long been regarded and honored as the embodiment of divine female energy. The goddess is known as Shakti-and where the female genitals are seen as a sacred symbol of the Great Goddess. Because the Eastern Tantrics and other ancient cultures worship the Divine as a Goddess, the term yoni has also acquired another, more cosmic meaning, becoming a symbol of the Universal Womb, the Matrix of Generation, and the Source of All.

The Yoni is the essence of divine feminine power, freedom, pleasure, and sexuality. Our wombs are an integral part of our reproductive health, sexuality, and how women can bring life into the world. The Yoni is a spiritual, and powerful part of our bodies, and the energies that flow through our sacral chakras are as sensitive as they are potent.

- Misty Cassady

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