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Tips On How To Connect With Your Body Wisdom

Your body is your most accurate barometer for sacred feminine truth and wisdom. Your body also gives you signals when something is ‘off’ in your life and out of alignment with your evolving soul energy. When your Soul calls you to begin reawakening to your true divine feminine consciousness, and begin living from this truth, you will need to pay attention to your body’s messages. Being in touch with, and healing damaging thoughts about, the body is a crucial step towards realizing the inner power of the Goddess.

Women still endure mass negative conditioning aimed at lowering their self-esteem and self-love in regard to how their bodies look, and the power inherent in female physicality. Men can also be affected by this focus upon superficial and unattainable, unreal imagery, although usually in our societies it is not so directly related to their sense of overall self-worth or significance, value and success.

Many Souls who are called to awaken Goddess energies hold emotional residues of past life abuse and trauma in their bodies. This past life imprint could also have traveled to experiences of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse within this present lifetime. As the vibration of the Goddess stirs within the energy bodies, the physical body will desire to shake off and release old trauma held in the tissues and cells. This is a vital practice as Divine Feminine consciousness begins moving through the entire being. This kind of energetic clearing can be assisted with body-healing therapies such as holistic massage, connected breath work, and Yoni Steaming.

Realizing the Divine Feminine throughout your body and soul, you can then move forward in your life with a clear understanding of self-esteem, self-love and significance, courage to stake your rightful claim in this world, and relationship choices aligned with your highest divine feminine spiritual knowing.

-Misty Cassady

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