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I’m Misty Cassady.....AKA Natural Skincare Chick, the creator and principal instructor for naturalskincarechick.com®. I’ve been in the natural beauty industry for quite some time. With a Legacy of Beauty Basics I have over 25 years of Beauty Industry Exposure making me an Authority and Expert on Natural Skincare. 



Accredited & an

American Herbalists Guild

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Detox Therapist 
Certification Program


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Certified Juice Therapist

Natural Skincare Certification Course & Master Class

* Essential Oils 

*Oils & Serums


*Balms & Salves

*Body Butters & Lotions

*Toners, Spritzers & Body Sprays

*Masks & Facial Steams

*Skin Types

*Body Scrubs & Exfoliating

*How to start your own Natural Skincare business 

*Vending & Sales

and so much more.......


Body Butters, Creams, & Lotions


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